Primal Leadership

In a Harvard Business Review (HBR) book, a topic has a question about how primal leadership focuses on what most influences your company’s bottom-line performance. The answer will surprise you–and make perfect sense: It’s a leader’s own mood.

Executives’ emotional intelligence–their self-awareness, empathy, rapport with others–has clear links to their own performance. But new research shows that a leader’s emotional style also drives everyone else’s moods and behaviors–through a neurological process called mood contagion. It’s akin to “Smile and the whole world smiles with you.”

Emotional intelligence travels through an organization like electricity over telephone wires. Depressed, ruthless bosses create toxic organizations filled with negative underachievers. But if you’re an upbeat, inspirational leader, you cultivate positive employees who embrace and surmount even the toughest challenges.

Emotional leadership isn’t just putting a game face every day. It means understanding your impact on others–then adjusting your style accordingly. A difficult process of self-discovery–but essential before you can tackle your leadership responsibilities.

The book, with many articles, is called On Emotional Intelligence at the following link:

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