An Open Letter to My College-Bound Son During The Age of Disruption

A unique letter (wrote to her child) by Clar Rosso, Executive Vice President-Engagement and Learning Innovation, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants.

Clar Rosso in focused on how work is changing, industries are being disrupted, artificial intelligence is improving, and more tasks are becoming automated, and innovation is increasing.

She also wrote to her son about graduating from high school and heading to college and learning skills such as:

Complex Problem Solving: The future will require you to solve new kinds of problems that may not be well defined.

Emotional Intelligence: Success will require you it identify and manage your emotions and anticipate the emotions of others around the office. Handling your relationships with empathy is key and a skill you’ll be able to develop throughout your career.

Critical Thinking: Objective analysis of facts and issues will be key to exercising your judgment.

Creativity: When you think of creativity, you probably picture an artist, but the kind of creativity I’m talking about is technical creativity, which drives new ideas, theories and technologies.

People Management: Creating a rock star team and getting the most out of them will continue to be valued in the workplace.





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