GOT Results by Dr. Hubert Glover and Contributor, Jim Niemes, published in B2B

What if an organization GOT Results by operationalizing the concepts presented in the book entitled, Giraffes of Technology: The Making of the 21st Century Leader, to distance itself from the competition and/or to stand out among its peers in the public sector?

Global economies are daunting as they challenge the underpinnings of every industry segment.  Newcomers learn, often the hard way, how to leverage human, financial and capital resources to meet the needs of an empowered consumer with multiple distribution choices.

A leader’s job has always been to look around the bend, anticipate change and plan accordingly.  Unlike the soap opera days when Procter and Gamble pushed Tide via commercials, consumers now dictate Tide’s packaging and distribution methods. Likewise, giants like Kodak failed to stay current, as they continued to follow the “free” Brownie Camera to drive demand for development supplies.  Bookstores that colored the landscape during the booming 1990’s and into the 21st Century, face extinction. Yet in an era of digital virtual consumption, Starbucks flourishes. Organizations also learned that a leading position as Blockbuster once had is no longer guaranteed just because of size.  Even Blockbuster’s current successful competitor, Netflix, learned a tough lesson when it tried to ignore the power of the consumer.

Global challenges present great opportunities for traditional as well as non traditional companies as long as the right leadership is in place and equipped with contemporary leadership skills.  GOT results can ensure the right leadership skills at all levels and will align leaders to generate ongoing customer value.  Consider a few of the following what if’s…

What if an organization used the Giraffes of Technology to Engage and Mobilize its leaders at every level to take action through quick cycle action learning projects?

What if an organization Tangibilized the concepts presented in the Giraffes of Technology through real time, real life business projects that deliver outcomes you can count in dollars and cents?

Giraffes of Technology initiatives are suitable for 21st Century leaders at every level.  It’s not merely designed to groom the next generation of CEOs but rather to improve an individual’s and Team’s capabilities and performance regardless of the level in the organization.

Leaders advance because they have shown time and again that they can deliver results.  And so, although there will be DNA level change in leadership behaviors and attitudes, the Giraffes of Technology initiative should also produce business results you can count at the end of the engagement.  A companion goal is complete knowledge transfer.  When finished with the Giraffes of Technology initiative, the leadership team is equipped with a process to achieve results without the continued support of our consultants.  In short, at the conclusion of this initiative your managers will have the tools and knowledge needed to sustain this performance orientation on their own.

Profile of an organization that benefits the most from GOT Results:

  • The organization has a vision and set of goals that require technology enablers.

  • The leadership team seeks to integrate new technology through the efforts and collaboration of a diverse project team.

  • The organization may operate in the public or private sector.

  • The organization has sufficient size and market reach to warrant high level consulting intervention and support.

  • The organization is large enough to easily accommodate four cycles of action learning projects engaging four project teams per cycle.

What an organization should expect:

  • Transformational change.  Transformational change success is measured by customer perceptions.  If the customer doesn’t experience new and improved product and service performance, the organization has not transformed.

  • The application of technology to “enable” improvement in or development of product or service quality.

  • The delivery of a new technology as a product or service.  Discover the “science of what’s next”.  Use new technology to minimize a product’s features in terms of its time-place-mass.

  • Leverage diversity.

  • Do innovative things in an innovative way.

  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and become self-sufficient in the GOT Results methodology; become expert in the application of the various tools and techniques.

Last, but not least, achieve a return on its investment in GOT Results.  Measurable results will include one or more of the following: cost reduction, new revenue, improvement in customer perceptions, improved process throughput, improved process productivity and a new and improved suite of management and leadership skills.

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