Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking in the 21st-Century Age of Science

Rooted in our book Giraffes of Technology: The Making of the Twenty-First Century Leader, we learned that academic business also wrote about the need for emotional intelligence and critical thinking in the age of science.

A book called Learn or Die: Using Science to Build Leading-Edge Learning Organizations by Edward D. Hess (published by Columbia Business School) mentions why “globalization and technology continue to increase the speed and reach of change.”

He mentions how we are still in old System 1, but we need to move to new System 2 in the 21st century.

  • System 1: thinking emotionally or pathos fast, not factual, often negative with ego and fear.
  • System 2: thinking positive emotions to deal with stress helps to be intuitive and creative with problems as well as critical thinking—slower thinking about the ability to not be highly emotional in complex settings and begin to hear objectively other views before you make a decision and as you continue to learn about a complex topic.

Washington University in St. Louis had conferences about Critical Thinking: A Guide to Understanding, Learning, and Practicing Critical Thinking. Research on individuals revealed that they were not intelligent thinkers:

  • Hasty (impulsive, little deep processing in examining alternatives)
  • Narrow (assumptions not challenged, points of view not examined)
  • Fuzzy (careless)
  • Sprawling (general disorganization, fails to advance or conclude)

Intelligent thinking is not easy. Thinking is hard work—much harder than most people realize and acknowledge.

Views from recruiter and business executives and the call for critical thinking skills in job descriptions and various reports are consistently implying that critical thinking is useful for securing jobs and advancing careers.




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