John Curry


John Curry is an award-winning writer and a distinguished professor. He has more than 15 years of experience in international and national communications. He researched, wrote, and produced books, op-eds, academic reports, and documentary projects at the NEA, United States Information Agency, Voice of America, US News and World Report Books, CBS and CNN. 

As Secretary of the Board at Washington Independent Writers (WIW), John chaired the 2009, 2008, and 2007 George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University, George Mason University and American University Writing and Publishing Seminars in Washington, DC, events that attracted Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward P. Jones, novelist Francine Prose, and others.

John lectures at American University and the University of Maryland; he was Associate Professor of literature and writing at Santa Monica College. He is the author of the novella “The Medina Wall,” awarded honorable mention in Paris Belletric’s “The Archer Prize.” His fiction has appeared in Paperplates, Short Stories Bimonthly, SN Review, The Prose Menagerie, and Entre Nous, among other publications. He studied with novelist John Rechy (recipient of PEN CENTER USA Lifetime Achievement Award). 


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