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GOT Results by Dr. Hubert Glover and Contributor, Jim Niemes, published in B2B

What if an organization GOT Results by operationalizing the concepts presented in the book entitled, Giraffes of Technology: The Making of the 21st Century Leader, to distance itself from the competition and/or to stand out among its peers in the … Continue reading

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Moving Forward—Creating Space for Imagination

Listed below from Chapter Four are selected books and articles about the giraffe and its daily ease to move forward to feed. The herbivore’s behavior mirrors how companies today need to provide employees with more freedom or “space” to encourage an individual’s creativity  that will produce better ideas and move an organization forward through ongoing … Continue reading

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The Impact of Templosion in the 21st Century of Rapid Change

Edie Weiner (President of Weiner, Edrich, and Brown Inc.) defines templosion and examines its impact on business through “time.” How do you think templosion is impacting your business? Early on Edie introduces her panelists (move past this and start her speech at 2:08). How … Continue reading

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George Saunders (a speech by winner of the PEN/Malamud short-story prize)

Here’s a link to a wonderful convocation speech by writer George Saunders (winner of the PEN/Malamud short-story prize) at Syracuse University for the class of 2013. His speech highlights themes about our book’s call for the Gentle Giant–a kinder leadership style that’s needed in the age … Continue reading

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