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A French Giraffe Film …

Check out this amazing animation video of the herbivore on YouTube. Dream the Impossible, Attempt the Impossible, and Enjoy Connecting through Diverse Herds: Be a Giraffe!      

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Kevin Kelly and the 5,000-day-old Web

Kevin Kelly, executive editor of Wired magazine, is a recent giraffe of technology, who offers a positive view of the digital age with links to history, biology, and religion. In his 2007 TED lecture, Kelly cites that the Web is … Continue reading

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The History of the Lookout Post

More than any other time in US history, leaders today need to serve as sturdy Lookout Posts for herds. MIT’s Peter Senge urged businesses to embrace the value of–and the need for–21st-century learning organizations. Listed below are selected books and … Continue reading

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The Flip versus the Lookout Post: Warren Buffett and The Quiet Success of America’s Freight Railways

Those who still admire the flip (or short-term, buy-and-sell) business model must consider shifting to the path of a twentieth-century lookout post like Warren Buffett, a leader who invests more through a long-term business model. Over the next century, Buffett … Continue reading

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